April Showers

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As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! While the positive point of this statement is the fact that this means warm, lovely Spring weather is on the way, the other more pressing matter is that now is the time to make sure your property is not susceptible to any leaks or mold and mildew contamination.

While we cannot determine how much rainfall we will actually experience this month, it is always beneficial to be prepared for the worst case scenario.  Simple steps can be taken to ensure that your home is protected from leaks and flooding.  An overabundance of water that gathers outside can easily creep into cracks in areas of the home such as roofs, ceilings and basement windows.  Spend some time walking throughout the interior and around the exterior of your property and address any areas of concern.

A simple and relatively small amount of water that accesses your home can create a damp space that becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold.  Mold thrives in this type of climate and you may be surprised by how quickly this matter can spread.  Not only is this a health risk to you and your family, the removal and restorations involved can become very costly.

Make the effort this month to prevent these situations so you can spend your time planning fun spring festivities.  If you think you may be at risk, contact our crew and we will be happy to provide you with a mold inspection and any additional mold removal services.

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