How To Prevent Frozen Pipes In Your Home

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Preparation and education are two important factors that can help prevent unwanted and expensive damage that can occur from frozen pipes. As a homeowner, there are simple steps that you can take in order to pipes from freezing and causing potential water damage and/or flooding. When water freezes, it expands; the strength and pressure that is exerted by water during this process is massive and the pipes encasing it stands to be no match.

Be most aware of any piping that is always or frequently exposed to cold temperatures, are located in unheated interior areas, or run against walls that lack heat and insulation. Outdoor hoses, pool lines and water supply lines in the basement, attic or garage are some of the most popularly impacted pipes that run the risk of freezing.

Take preventative action before the onset of the severe cold, winter months!

• Drain water from pool, sprinkler supplies

• Remove and store hoses and close water valves

• Walk through and around your property to detect any other potential water piping that could be at risk and is exposure to uninsulated, cold air.

• Consider purchasing and installing helpful products such as a pipe sleeve, heated table or even something as basic as newspaper surrounding piping.

• Keep harsh weather outside; close your basement windows or garage doors during winter months.

• Allow warm air to flow through and greet exposed pipes when possible; if you have water piper in cabinets then keep the door open for a while to get the warm air circulating.

• Use a thermometer to regularly check and monitor the temperature of the room or area your piping is located in.

• When going away for extended periods of time, make sure that your home is left at a high enough temperature that no freezing could occur while you are gone. You may ultimately pay more for your heating bill, but it will still be significantly less than a frozen and burst pipes repair.

While these tips are some that can truly help you save time, money and stress, we certainly understand that things still sometimes happen. If you do find yourself in a situation where pipes at your property have burst and you are facing flooding, leaks and water damage, contact us for immediate services. We have years of experience treating these situations for clients throughout Boston and can guarantee prompt and professional repairs and remediation.

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