Mold Prevention For The Winter

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Are you being proactive this winter? It’s truly incredible when you think about just how much snow Boston and surrounding areas of Massachusetts have fallen victim to over the last 20 days.  With record highs for snowfall, not only is it important to do what we can to keep things outside as functional as possible, we must be cautious about our homes as well.

Take a break from shoveling your driveway or salting the sidewalk and spend some time crossing other tasks off of your checklist that will be key in preventing any potential leaks and possibly mold problems within your home this winter.

Frozen Pipes

Locate all pipes throughout your home, specifically ones that may be exposed to cold/freezing air temperatures and ensure that they remain in warm, functioning condition. Pipes that burst can not only create a monstrous mess, they can lead to extremely expensive repairs and mold formation after water has spread and seeped into areas where the situation occurred.

Roof Snow Shoveling

This task is one that is crucial during times like these, as the build-up of snow, especially some that has melted but cannot drain off of the roof properly, can form ice dams.  Ice dams on your roof can create huge problems, ultimately leading to leaks in your roof, walls, insulation and more.  As with burst pipes, this too can create significant mold formation in your home’s interior due to water damage.

Do not let this happen to you! The cost, stress and time you will need to spend to correct these issues are not what anyone wants to deal with during these snow-filled winter months.  For any questions or concerns about mold in your home, contact us today!

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