Clear Your Home of Mold and Clutter

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After months of the cold, snow, and rain it is nice to finally welcome warm weather and sunshine. As the spring progresses into the summer, many people begin to clean out their basements and attics from accumulated clutter. However, when you begin to sort through all of your belongings, you may end up coming across mold damage to your possessions. The damage can range depending on where it was located or how long has it been in it’s position.

It is important to remove all items that may have mold damage to them because of possible health related concerns. Moving your damaged items from their area can cause for mold to stir up into the air throughout your home. This can be a health hazard for those with an allergy or for those who are asthmatic. Using specific cleaners or homemade remedies to clean up the areas after your items are removed will be beneficial to stopping growth and for better air quality afterward.

Cleaning the items that are affected will save them from further damage and will be beneficial to you when the time comes to donate or sell your possessions. It is best to air out the items for a couple days outside in order to get rid of the musty and moldy smell. That type of smell tends to linger on items with fabric surfaces. Washing them in the washing machine is one thing, but it will not always immediately get rid of the odor.

It is the perfect time of year before it gets too hot to clean, get rid of, or donate your unwanted household items. Disposing and cleaning your possessions properly will ensure for a healthier home environment and less clutter as well!

If there are large amounts of mold that you can not handle we suggest contacting a professional. When it comes to mold removal in general, it is always good to go with a professional service as they have the certifications to completely remove the mold from your home.

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