7 Questions To Ask A Mold Removal Contractor

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When it comes to mold, it is important to contact a professional in order to remove all of the mold in your home. As professional technicians have the right methods, equipment, and experience to remove any mold. Just like with any professional you hire, there are going to be some question you will want to ask. To make sure they are qualified and fit for the task you have a hand for them. Below are seven questions you should ask a contractor you are considering hiring for your mold remediation needs.

Will You Do The Mold Testing?

When it comes to mold remediation, most people think that companies do both inspections and removal. The tricky thing with this is that there is a conflict of interest. As remediation firms could mislead you to have a bigger problem than you really do, thus making you spend more money. In addition they are also grading their own test based on the results and their service and that isn’t a good situation as well. To ensure you are getting the most for you money, hire a mold inspection by a different company first before you look for a mold removal company.

What Are Your Qualifications?

To ensure that you are being taken care of in the best way possible, you will need to hire a technician that is certified. With mold removal there are a lot of standards-of-care and liability issues at play. You will want to see if the firm in question has certifications such as the IICRC and RIA. To go a step ahead, ask the company if they are continuing their mold removal education as well as taking multi-day courses as a continuation in education is also required for certified contractors.

Who Will Be Performing The Service?

Like with any job in where you need to hire someone, you will want to know who is going to be performing the service. Many firms are qualified to do mold remediation under an umbrella of certifications and a multitude of employees. Make sure that you are getting a technician who is certified to perform the task at hand for your project.

Can I Take a Look at Your Certification of Insurance?

With any work done to your home you will want to make sure the firm or contractor has a certificate of insurance. This goes for mold remediation as serious situations may need to have more work done to the infected area that could cause for insurances to get involved. By asking this question you also get to see if the firm is insured to do mold remediation or if the are just a general handyman.

What is Your Remediation Process?

With different firms, comes different methods and processes of removing mold from a home. There are different shapes, sizes, and variables when it comes to mold remediation. An example is what material is affected by your removal process? Carpets and sheet rock require a different process from semi or non-porous materials such as wood or metal. While listening to each firms process, as you decide on who to use, listen for certain steps such as safety precautions for employees and building occupants, containment and engineering controls to prevent contamination, and mold removal techniques.

How Do I Know The Mold Will Not Return?

For mold to grow it will need moisture, food and time and a good contractor or firm will know this. The only thing we can do is to control the moisture that helps mold grow and spread. Qualified technicians will tell you the course of the excess moisture and go over solutions with you. If the moisture problem is resolved, so shall your mold problem.

What Kind Of Workmanship Guarantee Do You Offer?

Just like with any work done to your home you will want it to last and make sure it lasts with a guarantee by the contractor or firm. A certified mold remediation company will offer a minimum of a two year workmanship guarantee on their services. That way you will have a peace of mind knowing you received the best work possible and that it will last.

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