4 Causes Of Indoor Flooding

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Indoor flooding is one of the leading causes of water damage which will require water restoration services. The Roy’s Restoration crew has experienced and licensed technicians to assist you with water damage restoration services. Flooding is something no one wants and our team will make sure your home is dried, your belongings are restored properly and the issues that caused the problem are fixed. To help avoid flooding this winter season, we have compiled four of the most common causes of indoor flooding.

Leaky or Broken Pipes

Having pipes that leak or break due to the cold is the number one cause of flooding in homes. Aside from cold weather bursting a pipe, water pressure and a faulty setup are reasons why pipes burst. The scary thing with flooding from a broken pipe is that your home could be flooded within minutes. If you noticed any leaky pipes, take that as a sign that something is wrong with your piping system and you should contact a plumber right away. Floods can also happen within the walls of your home, and if not treated can cause mold to appear.

Leaky Water Heaters

Water heaters are designed to constantly fill itself, providing residents with warm water for cleaning dishes or using the shower. If a water heater leaks, however, it could cause a major issue with indoor flooding.  A small leak in a water heater can cause major flooding as water is constantly filling the tank. Always keep an eye on your water heater and keep up with maintenance to avoid any flooding.

Clogged Sewer or Drain Lines

Another common flooding cause is that of a clogged sewer or drain line. Clogs can range from bad to worse as some don’t cause any damage at all while others cause you to have sewage overflow. If this occurs then you will experience your sinks, toilets, and showers to overflow resulting in major water damage. To prevent major clogs, notify a plumber as soon as you can so the issue does not get worse.

Faulty Washing Machine Hose

Having a faulty washing machine is another cause of indoor flooding due to the fact they have a broken hose that brings water into the machine. To prevent flooding caused by your washing machine, try installing a washing machine valve shutoff kit. In addition, it is always safe to keep an eye on all of your water appliances.

If you would like more information or a free estimate on your water restoration or sewage overflow services, contact us today.

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