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Mold can make its way on to pretty much any surface. If the affected furniture is something small or unimportant, it’s likely you would throw it away. If mold has found its way onto valuable furniture, outright throwing it away and buying new furniture may not be an option. We wanted to write a blog highlighting what to do when you find mold on your home or businesses furniture.

The Source

Mold tends to propagate where there is humidity or water present. Pull your furniture away from the walls and investigate the area. If there is a warm, humid area, it may be a result of a busted water pipe or some collection of water. If this is the case, cleaning the mold off the furniture won’t be enough and some repairs may be necessary.

If you live in a humid climate or this is occurring in a bathroom, the source its self may be the constant humidity. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier and use it often to remove humidity which should reduce the possibility of mold continuing to grow.

Surface Type


If the mold has found its way onto Wooden furniture, before making any decisions, there are a few things to consider. First, be sure the wood still maintain structural integrity. If the wood has mold and it is deteriorating or rotting, it is probably for the best to replace the furniture. Replacing is the best option in this instance as mold particles had most likely moved their way into the wood itself as opposed to just on the surface. The existing presence of mold within the wood will prolong the issue and expose you and guests to health problems


If your leather chair or couch has been exposed to mold, it is recommended to go through the same process as mentioned earlier. Check the area, see if there is integral damage within the couch itself and determine if the mold is only on the outside or has it made its way into the couch. If the mold is purely external, clean with recommended products and attempt to find the source. Leather can be cleaned but again, be sure it hasn’t made its way into the couch or chair as the problem will continue to exist.

Roy’s Mold Removal

If you notice mold in your home or business give us a call today! While these are good tips to go by if you find mold, the professionals here at Roy’s Mold Removal can provide an in-depth analysis to ensure the mold is eradicated. Call Roy’s Restoration today to schedule an appointment.

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