Preventing Mold This Winter

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Since mold thrives in warm, moist areas, one would think not to worry about mold in the winter months. The winter months, at times, can provide ideal situations for mold to grow in your home. We wanted to write a blog highlighting some of the reasons winter can produce mold and what you can do to prevent it!

Common Spots for Winter Mold

The main cause of mold growing in the winter is due to indoor heating systems alongside a lack of proper ventilation or air circulation. Some common areas this may occur are bathrooms, Kitchens, and window sills. Let’s explore how and why mold grows in these areas of your home!


Steamy showers and poor ventilation are the cause of mold in bathrooms. Water that condenses on the walls, mirror, and shower curtain itself can breed an ideal location for mold to grow. To cut down on the chance of this occurring, be sure to crack a window while showering and leave the shower vent on even after the shower is done. Keep the door to the hallway open to promote airflow from indoor to outside since you left the window open. Additionally, draw the shower curtain to have it opened all the way as opposed to all bunched on one end. This will allow the shower curtain to dry quickly, reducing the chance of mold growing


Kitchens can experience the same effect from heat and moisture from cooking. If you have an overhead oven vent, be sure to turn it on prior to beginning to cook and, much like the bathroom, leave it running for a little after done cooking. Do this with the addition of an open window if it isn’t too cold, and it should cut down on potential mold. If you notice a lot of moisture, run a paper towel over it and keep the fan on!

-Window Sills

Glass panes separating the warmth from inside and the cold winter air can create condensation inside. When condensation builds, it can begin to drip down onto the window sill itself. If you notice windows within your home gathering a lot of condensation, consider putting in a dehumidifier in the room. This will put moisture out of the air.

Roy’s Restoration: Keeping your home mold free this Winter

Roy’s Restoration continues to be Boston’s first choice for mold removal services. If you have questions about preventing mold within your home this winter, give us a call today! We are happy to answer any questions regarding preventing mold this winter in addition to our full suite of restoration services. We look forward to your call and keeping your home or business free of mold!

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