When to Restore vs. Buy Furniture Effected by Mold

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Mold damage to your furniture is a frustrating and complicated experience that leaves many individuals unsure of what to do with their furniture. Can it be saved, or does it need to be replaced? If it can be saved, how? We’re here to help you tell the difference between furniture that can be restored and furniture that is too far gone in the event of mold damage. Knowing the right course of action is vital to the health of your family, friends, and pets!

What Can Be Restored

Knowing when furniture can be restored involves a few variables. Firstly, the material of the furniture is important. Wood or glass items are much more likely to be able to be restored after suffering mold damage. With wood items, you should hire a mold restoration expert, like Roy’s Restoration, to clean and inspect the surface of the wood. They will be able to determine the depth of the mold damage and what the next steps need to be. If the mold has seeped into the wood, the restoration expert will need to sand and refinish the surface. Do not try to attempt this process yourself – the mold pores put into the air are very dangerous. Glass items are typically able to be cleaned on a surface level and restored to their original state. If your items still show signs of mold after restoration and cleaning efforts, it’s time to get rid of and replace them.

What Needs To Be Replaced

Upholstered furniture items are much more likely to need replacement after suffering mold damage. To attempt to salvage your furniture, detecting the mold right away is important. Once you’ve detected the first signs of mold or damp conditions that could allow mold to grow you should move your furniture to an area where it can dry fully. Once the item has dried, a mold restoration expert can inspect the material to determine how deeply to mold has affected it. The furniture may be able to be cleaned, dried, and restored to a safe condition, but in many cases that’s impossible with upholstered items. While you wait for an expert opinion, set the item outside in the sunlight to promote drying and ventilation. If your item can be restored you should determine what caused the mold in the first place and repair that problem within your home before moving the furniture back indoors.

Roys Restoration: Providing Boston Expert Mold Advice

These are generalities but with mold, you really should call  Roy’s Restoration if your furniture has been impacted by mold. not only can we determine if it can be restored, we can also investigate the source and the potential other areas the mold has spread to. We offer our clients free estimates  alongside exceptional customer service. If you have questions regarding our services, pricing, or a mold issue within your home or business, call us at 617-607-3399  or fill out an online contact form!

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