First Steps After A House fire

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A house fire can wreak devastation and cause a serious disruption in a person’s life. You can be left feeling helpless and not knowing how to put the pieces back together. It may be difficult to determine the first step in formulating a plan of action after a fire. However, the first steps taken are crucial in the recovery process and rebuilding. Here are some of the first steps that you can take after experiencing a house fire.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The initial and crucial step in rebuilding after a fire is contacting your insurance company. The claims process should not be delayed in order to address your most pressing needs. You may be able to recover “loss of use” funds, which could go towards taking care of much needed daily/living expenses and help pay for house repairs if repairs are possible. Your insurance company may work with you to get a reputable professional fire restoration contractor to aid in cleaning up or restoring salvageable belongings.

Evaluate the Structural Damage of the House

To the untrained eyes, a house can seem structurally sound but is really a major safety hazard. The interior and exterior foundations should be checked for damage like cracks, the basement, and attic floor joists, as well as the load bearing walls for slippage, crack and soot damage. The house needs to be structurally safe to enter after the fire. A structural engineer has the capacity to identify damages and outline the appropriate repairs, after which, structural repairs can be done and you may be permitted to go back into the home. Roys Restoration can evaluate the interior of your home’s fire damage and recommend the most cost-effective solution to restoring your home.

Secure Your Property

You can secure your property after it’s been cleared to begin renovation/restoration by physically putting up barriers. The team at Roys Restoration can help you to secure your home with boards.  which will serve as the access point to the house, and board up broken windows to prevent vandalism and break-ins.

If Possible, Begin Fire Damage Cleaning

Fire damage cleaning typically requires the help of a professional restoration service to address specialized cleanup work to remedy specific fire damages. You might want to try and salvage some of your belonging, as well as tackle mold growth, soot residue, and smoke stains. After a house fire, it is essential that your furnace is inspected and cleaned. This could prevent “furnace puffback,” an explosion inside the burner chamber of an oil furnace, that results in the expulsion of vaporized oil, which can be deposited throughout your entire house.

Roys Restoration is Boston’s first choice in restoration company for homes that experience a house fire.  While a difficult undertaking, we are proud to help those who require this service. For questions regarding our prices, services, or areas we serve in the greater Boston area, give us a call today!

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