What Is A Furnace Puff Back?

 In Smoke and Soot

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a never-ending list of terms that refer to potential problems in the home. That list may be frustrating but knowing what the potential problems actually mean could save you big money in the long run! Today, you’re going to learn what a puff back is and how you can work to prevent it in your home.

What is Puff Back?

Puff back is a misfiring of your furnace. This misfiring can lead to soot and other debris being thrown into your home, causing serious damage. That debris typically requires professional cleaning services to restore your home and many of your personal items will have to be replaced entirely.

What Causes Puff Back?

Puff back is caused by one of two things. First, and most common, debris backup in your furnace. The debris acts as an accelerant to the small explosion that causes puff back, throwing it all into your home and out of the furnace. Second, when oil fumes have time to build up in your furnace before the oil burner lights, it creates the fuel needed for a puff back. This is similar to how a backfiring car engine occurs, except much messier!

Preventing Puff Back

Preventing puff back before it occurs is the only way to save your home, belongings, and wallet from costly furnace repairs. A few ways to prevent puff
back include:

  • Regular furnace maintenance – hire a professional to come to clean your furnace each spring. This cleaning will work to remove debris and while the technician is taking a look, they may be able to notice a possible issue that needs to be repaired. If you’re told your furnace needs repaired or maintenance, don’t hesitate to get it done!
  • Pay attention – other than regularly maintaining your furnace, you can prevent a puff back simply by being aware that it’s a possibility. Make note of any unusual noises, sounds, or smells coming from your furnace. Excess soot around the furnace is another warning sign of a possible puff back. When you notice a change to your furnace, contact a professional right away to determine the cause.

Investing in furnace services, inspections, and cleanings are one of the things many homeowners dread, but choosing not to would be a mistake. If a puff back occurs you’ll be left with a filthy home and a furnace that needs some major repairs! If your home has experienced a Puff Back and you need your walls and furniture cleaned, give Roys Restoration a call today! We can even provide free estimates to prospective customers.

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