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A fire can be devastating to a residence or business. As a company in the Fire Restoration industry, we always keep a pulse on the local news regarding local fires to be able to offer our assistance if needed. We wanted to write a blog on some of the local fires that have impacted local businesses in the area.

New England Casket Company in East Boston

Occurring in the middle of March of 2019, a fire manifested at the New England Casket Company. A staple in the East Boston Community, the New England Casket Company has been utilizing the space for over 70 years. At the moment, the fire appears to be a complete loss for the building. New England Casket Company employed just under 100 Boston residents. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire and it didn’t expand to any nearby buildings. The owners of New England Casket Co. are meeting with insurance reps to see how they can help their employees.

We offer our condolences to those impacted by the fire at New England Casket Co. and wish for a quick transition into a new facility so the business can get back on its feet.

Cambridge Restaurant- The Sunset Café

Earlier this year in January, The Sunset Kitchen located in Cambridge was significantly impacted by a 4-alarm fire that broke out. Its suspected the fire occurred due to faulty wiring. After Cambridge Fire officials put an end to the fire, it was assessed to take down the building altogether. As of right now, the owners of the Sunset Café have yet to find a new location for re-open. We wish those impacted by the Sunset Café fire the best of luck in finding a new space to continue serving the Cambridge community great food.

What we can Learn and Best Practices

The stories mentioned above are heartbreaking and have put the owners of these businesses in a tough spot. Thankfully, no individuals were hurt during these fires which is something to be grateful for.

These fires are still under investigation but there are still some things we can learn from instances like this. If your home or business hasn’t been inspected recently, call your cities fire inspector today. While it could incur some up-front costs, it can prevent potential fires such as these.

Here at Roy’s Restoration, we can’t emphasize enough the thoughts and prayers we send to these businesses and those impacted. If your home or business has been impacted by a fire and you are in need of Fire Restoration services, give us a call today.


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