Boston Areas that are Susceptible to Flooding

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In the town of Boston, flooding is a major concern. Rising sea levels due to changes in climate are increasing Boston’s flood risk every year. Every year brings harsher storms and those living in Boston wonder what the future holds for their city. This regular flooding could lead to a full host of problems for homeowners and property owners living in Boston.

100-Year Floods in Boston

What is a 100-year flood? This term is used to describe the regular interval of flooding that occurs. To recur again in a 100 year period describes the magnitude of the flood having a one percent chance in occurring in the years to follow. In the city of Boston, there have been two floods of such a large magnitude that have flooded the city. In both cases, flooding happened quickly and without much warning. This can prove to be disastrous, as flooding and cold temperatures can lead to icy and dangerous roads.

Flood Risk Areas – Watertown, Newton, and Waltham

The major areas that are at risk of flooding in Boston are those areas that lie close to or is the drainage basin of the Boston river. These areas include Watertown, Newton, East and Central Boston, and Waltham. If you’re not sure where you fall on a flood map, please click the link here. You’ll find the city of Boston’s official website that will help you find your official flood map and help you understand your personal risk of flooding. This will assist you in determining if you live on floodplains, which are lands at risk of flooding during the 100-year floods. If you are, the next step is to determine how you and your family can properly prepare for a flood. However, even if you live outside of the flood zone, you may still want to look into flood insurance. The onset of a flood can be quick, and you’d much rather be protected in case of unexpected events.

How to Prepare

One of the first steps, in order to prepare for a flood, is to get a flood insurance estimate on your house or property. Once this is determined, you can choose the best insurance
for your family’s needs.

Another popular method to prepare for flooding is to make proper use of wet and dry floodproofing. Wet floor proofing allows the floodwaters to pass through them without much damage, while dry floor proofing ensures that a waterproof seal is utilized to prevent water from passing through.

If you are building a new home, it may be beneficial to use materials that can either prevent or minimize the damage left by floods. For items outside of your home, it’s recommended that you take extra care to secure and tie these items down. If you drive a car, park it in a safe location away from large bodies of water.

The City of Boston is now also recommending that most households put a plan of action into place. These include creating an emergency bag or having an evacuation plan. Visit the Ready Boston page to find out more about what Boston households can do individually to be ready for a flood.

Roy’s Restoration: Here to help Boston area homes

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