April & May rainfall in Boston brings potential mold

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April and May of 2019 has brought rain to the Boston area. To be exact, April produced 21 days of measurable precipitation with more than 6.5 inches of rain. Outside Boston, Hartford, CT, Providence, RI, and Worcester, MA all set records for precipitation.  Due to the increased moisture in the air and on the ground, mold is certainly something to look out for now. Continue reading our industry blog regarding how to curb mold growth.

Mold What Mold needs to Grow

Temperature- With the spring months upon us, it’s the perfect time for mold to grow with it being warmer out. Most mold grows between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, mold thrives indoors due to the protection of your home offer and the ample supply of sustenance.

Food Source- Mold thrives on organic material. Depending on the species of mold, the food source can differ. Many molds thrive on wood or paper and when wood/paper is impacted by mold, this is considered dry rot.

Moisture– Again due to the last few wet months, moisture naturally has been increased. Mold requires either liquid water or high humidity around the 60-80% mark. Liquid water can either be pooled up from a water source (rain, busted pipes, condensed water) or the condensation of water dripping down a window or wall.

Tips to Minimize Potential Mold

Mold can grow anywhere in your home. The best thing to do is to understand the humidity of each room. If a room is especially humid, try and incorporate a de-humidifier which extracts the water out of the air. You can also be sure to open your windows during warmer days to air the room and even incorporate some fans.

Bathrooms are especially prone to mold. A vent fan with a window open should be used every time you use the shower. If you notice condensation building on windows, be sure to clean it up and again, leave the window open to air out the bathroom. Additionally, be sure to check corners and crevices in your bathroom since these areas can be a great place for mold to grow.

Roy’s Restoration: Boston Mold Experts

Roy’s Restoration is Boston’s first call when it comes to mold restoration.  If you think your home may be susceptible to mold or you know for sure you have a mold problem, call Roy’s Restoration today!

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