Winter Mold Prevention Part 1

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When it comes to the winter season, we all love to bundle up inside, crank up the heat and relax to beat the cold climate. While you are keeping your home warm, you are also creating an environment for winter mold to form. This is especially so if you live in an area that tends to flood often and with New England winters being harsh, there could be a lot of snow and rain that could also cause mold to appear. Mold is never something you want in your home as they bring in fungal infestations, can cause allergic reactions and could compromise the integrity of your walls causing them to lose their strength. To help you save money and avoid health concerns we have compiled a blog series of tips to prevent mold from appearing in your home during the winter. What is great with these tips is that they can be applied to your home year-round to help with your overall mold removal process.


3 Ways To Prevent Mold During The Winter


Increase Air Circulation & Reduce Humidity

The big thing with mold is that it needs moisture to survive and thrive, so the best thing to do as a first step in your overall mold removal and prevention process is to reduce the moisture in your home. Use fans to increase the air circulation in your room and crack your windows slightly to let cold air in as it is less likely to condense in hard to reach areas where mold can form. Another way to do this is by getting a dehumidifier as they will reduce the overall moisture in your home.


Look Out For Leaks

Along with moisture, water is another culprit that will cause mold to form in a home. With that in mind, be sure to be on the lookout for leaks in common areas such as windows, doorways, etc. In addition to looking for leaks coming from the outside, you should be wary of potential leaks with your plumbing that could cause mold. At least once a month you should check under your kitchen or bathroom sinks for leaks as these are the two most common areas for plumbing leaks.


Repair Leaky Areas

To continue one with leaks, as they are a huge factor when it comes to mold, make sure you do not leave any leak unattended. Mold tends to grow rapidly and if you don’t fix any leaky areas you could run into a huge area full of mold. The moment you notice a leak you should fix it, but if you do run into a mold problem, be sure to contact us for our amazing mold remediation services.


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