Winter Mold Prevention Part 2

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To continue on with our winter mold prevention blog series, we have three more tips and tricks to use in order to avoid mold from forming in your home this winter.

3 Additional Mold Prevention Methods


Limit Areas Where Mold Can Grow

When it comes to fungi, they typically like to latch onto quick-to-decompose items such as books, piles of loose papers, boxes of clothing, etc. so knowing this think of strategy when storing these belongings. The best areas to store things are away from external walls or windows that moisture and condensation can come in. In addition, be on the lookout for moisture in your bathroom and make sure to clean your surfaces regularly since the bathroom is the most commonplace for mold.

Take Care of Entryways

When it comes to entryways in your home, where moisture is most commonly going to be a problem, have an area rug or washable floor surface. By having these, you will have an area to not only collect the outside debris on shoes where guests will wipe their shoes off, but these will also attract the outside moisture when the door opens rather than going further in the house.

Exhaust Fans in Kitchen or Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms in your home that will probably have instances of mold due to the moisture levels caused by the bathtub and kitchen sink. From steamy showers to washing your dishes with hot water, these are breeding rooms for mold. To help prevent mold from coming into those rooms, use an exhaust fan to help reduce condensation formation. You can turn them on while you are either taking a shower or using the sink or stove and it is a good idea to keep them running for about 20 minutes after you are done with whatever you are doing. Leaving them on will make sure that any excess moisture is removed from the room.

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