Appliance Fire Safety Tips 

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Household appliances are part of our everyday lives. Many machines that we use everyday operate on electricity or gas which presents safety risks. It’s important to use these appliances according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Below are tips to help you prevent a fire occurring in your home due to these appliances. 

Clothes Dryer

When installing your home’s clothes dryer, make sure it is properly grounded and keep the area surrounding it clear of anything that could burn. It’s also important to vent your dryer directly outside using metal venting materials and make sure the air exhaust vent pipe is not restricted. When using a dryer, always use a lint filter and clean the lint filter after every use. 

Electric & Gas Stoves/Ovens

While this may be obvious, never leave combustible materials near your ovens. Make sure to also always clean grease and other debris from the burner, stovetop, or oven. Before using your oven or stove make sure it doesn’t smell like gas in or near the area. 


When running the dishwasher always make sure you are available to supervise it. It’s not recommended to turn on your dishwasher before going to bed or leaving the house. It’s also important to avoid using an extension cord to power the dishwasher. If you were to use an extension cord you are running the risk of the cord overheating and causing an ignition. 

Electric Heater

If your home has an electric heater make sure to keep it at least 3 feet away from anything that is flammable such as paper, furniture, curtains, etc. It is also recommended to keep your heaters somewhere stable, preferable the floor, in order to avoid it getting knocked over. 


While many people should know this, never use aluminum foil or metal in the microwave. Before placing something in the microwave make sure it is on or in a microwave-safe container. Make sure to also regularly clean the microwave to avoid a build-up of grease, food, and other debris. 

General Appliance Fire Safety Tips

Keep appliances at a safe distance from areas of your home that often get wet including the bathroom, kitchen, or basement. If you have an appliance that produces a spark, make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible as that is an indication that something is wrong with the appliance. Another big thing to remember is to never run cords under carpets or rugs. This can damage the wires and if the cords get too hot it can easily start a fire. Lastly, when using small appliances like irons, toasters, hairdryers, etc. always remember to unplug them after you use them. 

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