How Can I Reduce the Moisture in My Home?

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Moisture or high humidity in the house gets worse during summer. You are never comfortable when it’s too humid around the house, but there is a remedy. We will discuss in this article the necessary steps you can take whenever you feel you should reduce the moisture in your home.

Use an air conditioner 

When your hygrometer moisture level reads 45-50%, then you know there is a need to reduce the moisture. One way to reduce it is to have a working air conditioner.

It will introduce cooler air and help remove warm and humid air in the house. Make sure to clean the air conditioner so that it can function in the best condition.

Use exhaust or ventilation fans 

While cooking or showering with warm water, the moisture level in the room will increase, and in such case, you should have the ventilation fans turned on. This will bring things back to normal. You shouldn’t also make the mistake of turning them off immediately after you are done cooking or showering. You should leave them on for a few minutes longer.

Encourage cooler showers 

Hot showers are great, but they are your enemies as they drive up the moisture in the house and introduce discomfort. Embrace cooler showers instead. This is not to say you should have ice baths; rather lower the temperature of your shower as you won’t add much steam to the air and drive the humidity levels up.

Fix leaking pipers 

Leaking pipes and faucets will add moisture to the house. And if you are putting in efforts to reduce moisture, leaking pipes won’t let that show. Wrap any exposed pipers in insulators and fix all leaks. When you see wet spots, irregular water bills, or stained drywall, you should know there are leaks, and you should pay attention.

Dry laundry outside 

It might be fine to use indoor drying racks during winter for clothes you can’t put in the dryer, but it is not advisable to do that in the summer.

Hang your clothes outside on clotheslines or outside drying racks. The issue here is that your neighborhood bylaws might not allow outside drying, so be sure to check your restrictions.

If you can’t help hanging clothes indoors, then you should get a dehumidifier, especially if you have a basement.

Get a dehumidifier 

A dehumidifier could be the sole solution to your problem as it uniquely reduces indoor moisture. It fit right inside the furnace air handler and removes moisture from the air as it passes through.

By the time the air reaches you, it is cool and dry just the way you would expect in the summer. The good thing here is that it lets you see the reason to use the air conditioner a lot less.

Contact Roy’s Restoration

To reduce your home’s moisture, you have to put in place necessary actions. Move your house plants if you need to, have your laundry dry outside or get a dehumidifier. Should in case you need professional help to restore your home Roy’s Restoration is glad to help! Contact us today by giving us a call at 617-607-3399 or by filling out a contact form.

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