Can My Wet Carpet be Rescued?

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Let’s face it – carpets are some of our most expensive investments. After all, how can we resist the appeal of oriental rugs? Hence, it is no wonder that seeing our very expensive carpet turn wet from a torrential flood can give us cause for a heart attack. 

Before you allow your heart to get all frantic, here is what you should know. Sure the carpet’s rescue operation may cost you some money, but it’s worth it if the carpet escapes from damage.

Rescue- Is it Possible?

The possibility of saving your wet carpet depends on the following factors:

  1. Suppose clean water from a damaged pipe or rainwater that was miraculously free from contaminants soaked your carpet. In this case, your carpet has a lucky chance of restoration. Professionals can properly sanitize and remediate the padding and carpet. 
  2. If your carpets soak up greywater, you have a tricky situation on hand. Greywater is the contaminated variety and will give rise to skin allergies and diseases. Now, this type of soaking means you may be able to salvage your carpet, but you will have to replace its padding for sure. However, consider an immediate repair within 24 to 48 hours of the carpet soaking from greywater.
  3. The third situation is the worst for your carpet. If it soaks up blackwater, things look quite grim. Blackwater, as its name states, contains harmful agents and pathogens as the most evident contaminants. All sorts of waste and dirt from toilets, such as Seawater, sewage backflows, streams, stormwater, hurricane waters, and other weather-related elements, are prime contaminants. If your carpet absorbed this water, rescuing it is nearly impossible. 

Hence, the crux is that the kind and level of water damage determines whether or not you can rescue your wet carpet. However, regardless of what water damaged your carpet has suffered, we recommend contacting a professional carpet cleaning and restoration company. They’re the experts and would be better able to inspect the current state.

Another important detail you must note is that carpets have the best chance of rescue when you report the damage as fast as possible. If you wait longer than forty-eight hours after your carpet soiled, it has fewer chances of survival. 

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