Leave Mold Removal to the Professionals; Here’s Why

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There is nothing more frightening than discovering mold inside your bathroom, basement, or other areas of the home. Mold thrives in warm, moist environments and is a common issue for thousands of home and business owners. 

Many individuals believe that they can remove mold on their own. This is a grave mistake. It is important to leave mold removal to the professionals. 

Mold remediation technicians have the specialized knowledge, skills, and equipment to effectively eliminate mold. The following information will explore why it is critical to leave mold removal to professionals.


Attempting to remove mold on your own is ineffective and can actually make the issue worse. When mold is visibly present there is likely more much deeper below the source. It is impossible to reach all of the mold and it will continue to grow. 

Unknowingly Spread Mold

You could even unknowingly spread the mold into new areas while attempting to eradicate the issue. This is because mold spores cannot be seen and can travel easily throughout the home. The problem will only continue to grow and worsen.

Hidden Mold

Many people make the mistake of believing that they have eliminated their mold issue, when in fact, they have only removed the mold stain on the surface.

You cannot successfully eliminate mold without a professional because mold hides in areas you cannot see or access. If there is visible mold in the home, there is likely mold hiding inside inaccessible areas, including your A/C vents, and deep inside the walls.


Neglecting to call a professional mold remediation expert will allow the mold to continue to grow and spread deeper into surfaces. This can potentially lead to excessive and costly damages that could have been hindered. 


There are thousands of species of mold that can infiltrate your home. Each type of mold carries the potential of causing numerous health issues. Many of these species of mold look similar and are nearly impossible to differentiate. 

A mold remediation service has the knowledge and resources for testing the mold. They can then determine which species is present and develop a plan to eliminate it.

Professional Mold Remediation Services

A mold remediation specialist has the tools, knowledge, and experience required to eradicate mold in homes and businesses. A specialist is also trained to keep you and your family safe during the mold removal process. 


Professional mold services can test the mold that is present to determine how they should proceed. They will also test the surface afterward to ensure the issue has been successfully eliminated. 


Mold remediation is the process of removing mold that has penetrated porous surfaces, including deep inside the drywall of your home. This is an intensive service that requires technicians to remove affected areas and work hard to ensure that mold regrowth does not occur, 

Professional Mold Remediation Services in Boston

Never attempt to handle a mold issue on your own. The results can be costly, ineffective, and dangerous. Reach out to the professionals at Roy’s Restoration today if you believe that you may have mold inside your home. 617-607-3399

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