Can Mold in My Basement Make Me Sick?

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Homeowners try as much as possible to ensure that their homes are always clean, but mold still finds ways to buildup damp areas. The basement is one area that gets little attention that allows mold to grow. Mold growth compromises the air quality in the basement. That makes people ask if it could cause sickness for them. Let’s walk you through the consequences of mold growth in your basement.

Who is at Risk of Mold Growth?

Not everyone has a strong immune system, so we react differently to mold buildup in homes. Susceptible individuals are the most affected because their bodies can’t deal with the situation. As a result, they start to show different allergic reactions, especially sneezing and skin rash.

Patients with asthma will also find it challenging to breathe where the air quality is low. Additionally, infants and the elderly are also susceptible to mold growth. A runny nose and red eyes are other mold symptoms, but it differs from one person to another. A patient with lung disease should do everything possible to avoid inhaling mold.

Can You Become Sick because of Mold?

Yes, mold causes different types of sickness. According to the National Institute of Environment Health Sciences, Alternaria, Stachybotrys chartarum, and aspergillus are the illness-causing basement mold. Irrespective of how strong your immune system may be, coming in contact with basement mold can lead to irritation.

The airborne mold substances can cause sicknesses such as coughing, sore throat, deterioration of asthma patient health, and sneezing. These are not the only symptoms of mold presence in the basement. According to a health consultant,  mold species could be immunotoxic, cytotoxic, and neurotoxic based on the classification.

According to him, inhaling low-quality air can damage the cell and weaken the immune system. An exposed person should endeavor to see a physician for advice before the condition worsen. 

Measures to Prevent Mold Sickness

A Health professional advises that homeowners should never leave their basement in a state of inactivity that allows for mold growth. As a good practice, get rid of the mold buildup as soon as possible. Failure to do the needful will see it increase.

Mold grows anywhere that accommodates moisture. It takes less than 24 hours for mold to spread if the place is damp. Keep your surroundings dry and clean always. That is crucial to keep mold sources under check. Also, check for leaks and naturally wet areas. Those are usually the origin of mold.

When the mold growth is beyond your capacity, hire professionals to clean your house. It’s never advisable to handle a significant mold presence in your home to avoid getting infected. Your health matters, and it’s not worth the risk if you are not an expert at removing complex mold. Also, do repairs when necessary.

Contact the Mold Removal Experts

Except the mold is minimal, always find an expert to clean toxic ones. If you need someone to assist you, Roy’s Restoration is a mold removal professional you can rely on to clean your home thoroughly. Contact us today! 617-607-3399

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