What To Do When You Have a Burst Pipe Flooding Your House

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Be it an old home or a new one, there can be a burst pipe at any time. It is one of life’s reality checks. Burst pipes frequently occur during the winter when the plumbing works are vulnerable to a deep freeze. You can do yourself a world of good by having contingency plans in the event of an outburst. You don’t want to find your valuable properties drenched in water flooding. So what exactly can you do when you have a burst pipe flooding your house? This article addresses answers to this question in 5 simple tests. 

5 Steps To Manage Burst Pipe Flooding in Your Home

In case you have an issue with a burst pipe flooding your home, here are 5 things you can do for a swift response:

1. Reach out to your electricity panel

The first thought should be to inspect electrical outlets when there’s flooding in the house. Quickly reach out to the main circuit breaker from the electrical panel and turn it off. Ensure you keep a touching distance from the water while the electrical system is still on. That will help you avoid the electrocution that comes from water and electricity.  

2. Switch off the water system

Once the main valve water is off, this will give ample time to locate the burst pipe or point of the water leak. Upon discovery, you must take prompt action to evacuate the nearby furniture, carpets, pads, documents, valuables, and electrical appliances. With this, you will be able to salvage what’s remaining and contain the water in that area. 

3. Flush out the water

Quickly get a bucket, mop, or a wet-dry vacuum, depending on the volume of flooding, and scoop up the water. The less proactive you are at this point, the higher the chances of water escaping to the subfloor, resulting in terrible and complete wreckage. It allows the area to dry up within the shortest time possible. 

4. Snap pictures of the affected area 

This step is as important as the previous steps, especially if you plan to file your claim with your insurance company. Take a picture of the length and breadth of the affected area. It serves as living proof of the current situation of the event. While the insurance might not cover all loss, a reasonable amount of financial implication for the repair is obtainable. 

5. Procure the services of a repair company 

Remember that it takes only 48 hours for bacteria such as Mold and Fungi to visit your wet furniture and carpeting. It is advisable to consult the services of a professional repair company quickly. This will help guide you in the right direction in your course to restore your building fully. 

Water Restoration Company in Boston

No one desires a flooded apartment. But when it does happen, you must take the necessary steps to redeem what is left. Failure to do so might lead to more avoidable issues, including the destruction of valuable properties. Roy’s Restoration is the best hand to consult when you encounter such a situation. Give us a call! 617-607-3399

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