Looking for mold removal in Watertown, MA? Look to Roy’s Restoration for professional restoration services to keep your home safe and sound.  Roy’s Restoration uses state-of-the-art equipment that utilizes the latest in technology, such as infrared imaging in order to thoroughly check for all presence of mold and mold causes. Over the years we have helped businesses and residents with all types of restoration services for different kinds of situations. Roy’s Restoration goes above and beyond when compared to other restoration facilities. We tackle multiple kinds of situations where restoration or remediation is needed instead of sticking to one type.


Roy’s Restoration assists with removing mold from industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. If you have noticed mold or think you might have mold growing in a hard to see spot, contact us! We’ll be able to get rid of mold, find hidden mold, and prevent mold from growing back. When working to eliminate mold, we always take safety precautions to make sure everyone in the building or home stays safe. We have a multiple-step procedure for eliminating and removing mold so we’ll have your area cleaned and looking brand new again in no time! 


Has your home or commercial property in Watertown experienced any flooding or water damage? If it has, make sure to get it fixed right away! By calling the professionals asap, you’ll be able to get the damage fixed before it gets worse. If water damage sits for a long time without being addressed, it can cause even worse and more costly damage in the future. Roy’s Restoration has the tools to restore any water or flood damage. We do this with flood debris removal, dehumidification, preventative drying, and more!


Leftover soot and smoke from a fire can linger for a while and be harmful to both you and your home. Because of this, it’s important to restore fire damage as soon as possible after a fire occurs. If the damage is not fixed, the leftover soot and smoke will cause damage to your belongings as well as get into your lungs if you are around the area. Fire restoration services from Roy’s Restoration will get your home or business back in perfect condition in no time. 


We’re extremely confident in our ability to restore your home or business back to perfect condition after a fire, flood, or mold issue. We guarantee our work for up to five years so if new growth occurs we’ll come back and take care of it for free! Our team of professionals are certified so you’ll be getting top tier service from us. If you have questions regarding our service, areas we cover, pricing, or a free estimate, call 617-607-3399 today or fill out a convenient contact form!

If you live are in need of water, fire, or mold restoration services in Watertown, MA, fill out our contact form or give us a call or more information!

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