Belmont, MA is the name for any number of communities throughout the world, but the town in Massachusetts is so called after an early benefactor.  Renowned far and wide for its fruits once upon a time, but Belmont, MA, today better known as “the Town of Homes” because it has become a quiet bedroom community serving Cambridge and Boston, thus finding itself with any number of Nobel Prize winners in residence from time to time.

Our crew is proud to be Belmont’s premier mold removal expert, handling every kind of commercial and residential challenge.  We will remove all mold, mildew, fungi, and such from your home or place of business.  We are so confident of your satisfaction that our work is guaranteed for up to five years from the date of remediation!  Mold Removal Boston technicians are highly experienced in restoring your personal or professional environment back into a safe one, healthy and free of airborne contaminants.  Mold and other such microorganisms are usually highly toxic and can even be fatal.  Find out from the professionals at Roy’s Restoration whether the air is safe by contacting us and getting a detailed report on what we find!  We use a multiple-step process that employs equipment as sophisticated as infrared imaging where warranted to help better determine whether your home or place of business is free of mold.  Call now or fill out the on-site form for more information!

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