Roy’s Restoration is Somerville’s great mold removal expert with a staff of highly qualified technicians and the best guarantee in the business – up to five years!  Plus, our prices are generously low because we believe in offering everyone the chance to have their environment clean of airborne toxins like mold and mildew.  That reason is also why we will work in any setting, commercial or residential, from small studio apartments to large industrial lofts: no job is too large or too small for the professionals at Roy’s Restoration!  Call today and let us make a detailed six-step diagnosis of your current situation, utilizing the latest technology in order to properly examine air quality.  Knowledge is power; find out whether your environment is safe!


Somerville had seceded from now-adjacent Charlestown in the middle of the nineteenth century due to the latter’s increasing urbanization, but Somerville soon turned industrial on its own and became a working-class city for over a century.  Somerville now hosts a thriving avant-garde arts community and a vibrant coffeehouse scene with each establishment having its own fiercely loyal patrons.  The city may still be most famous, however, for marshmallow crème, invented by a Somerville resident in 1917.

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