Roy’s Restoration is proud to be Brookline’s premier mold removal expert, working with all kinds of industrial and residential settings to ensure a safe environment.  Many kinds of mold are toxic and even fatal, so it’s important to not just procure professional abatement services but to get them from highly trained and certified technicians with actual experience performing the work!  That’s why Roy’s Restoration guarantees our work for up to five years, and that’s why it all starts with a detailed six-step process by which we determine the presence of mold and mildew and take readings of the extent of growth using sophisticated technology such as infrared imaging.  Mold and mildew are often quite toxic for people and their pets, resulting in mysterious headaches and other unexplained symptoms.  Call today or complete the contact form on our site and let’s get started on a mold and mildew-free environment for you!

The City of Brookline is home to the nation’s oldest country club.  There is also an actual working farm in the city.  Surrounded by Boston on three of four sides, Brookline has been steadfast in maintaining its own identity and resisting annexation.  Though a city, Brookline has kept its town meeting form of government for over three hundred years.

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